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In the beginning …

December 12, 2010

Dropped out of university. Fired from three jobs in five years. Hired at a junior level in my late 20’s at a large North American financial services firm knowing I had to make it stick. Three years later I walked away angry at not being promoted. Less than three years after that I was back. Upon being transferred to head office I was told to keep my emotions in control. I promptly ignored that advice and subsequently hissy-fitted, pouted and shouted my way through a series of promotions until hitting a ceiling at which time I was pretty much told I wasn’t going any farther.

And yet not that long ago I was promoted yet again, this time to a senior vice-president role. I call myself the “accidental executive”, having stumbled and bumbled my way to success. Of course that’s not entirely correct. I haven’t been a total buffoon;  it just feels that way from time to time.

In working with my executive coach I described myself as an accidental executive. She said that should be the title of my new book (I have come up with a million titles for best-selling books. Writing those best-selling books is another matter completely). Not long after that I was appointed to our company’s newly formed committee on Social Media which required me to become familiar with it in the first place. Since there are no coincidences (more on that in a future post) I decided to take the leap and begin this blog.

What’s in it for you? Well, I will be sharing some of the many things I have learned along the way on topics of leadership, executive development, work-life balance, coaching, personal finance and marketing and communications. I think you will learn some things. I know I certainly will. You may even find some of it irreverent, comical and amusing.

And yeah, I know it sounds a bit crazy to suggest I don’t know much about Social Media but know something about marketing and communications. What can I tell you? I do know something about marketing and communications. Tweeting, blogging, Facebooking, instant messaging … those are all tools that can be used in marketing and communications but they aren’t the only tools. And certainly doing these activities on their own doesn’t mean you are marketing or communicating. But more on that later.

What? You thought I’d give it all away now? Sorry. You have to come back, which is a pretty big presumption given you have no idea I am here in the first place. If you accidentally (yeah, pun intended) stumble onto this page, why not subscribe and check it out for awhile. At the very least I will gain a critic which will help me improve this site.

See you again soon.

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